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2019 Rattan Trend Article

Dedy Rochimat
Founder. VIVERE Group

    A once popular item in 70-90s era, rattan export industry started to slow down in mid 2000 where it got to the lowest point in 2008, partly due to Great Financial Crisis but also because of its outdated style. Recently, we see a more contemporary look on rattan products, which starts to boost its popularity again. More designers are attracted to work on this rattan material and create a new style which is modern and sleek compare to the old style with darker color. The shifting design from classic and old style to be more modern, light, and clean look, brings the products to a higher level. Combined with its durability and sustainable alternative to wood product, rattan starts to take the center stage in international market once again. A lot more design options are available as it can be combined with different materials such as metal, wood, stainless steel, or even plastic. This combination strengthens the new character of rattan and portrays the design to be more up to date..

    Rattan is also well known as ‘handmade’ products, because it is done intensively by handcraft technique. Combining this skillful rattan craftmanship of Indonesian local artist with talented designers and advance new technology, creating high end product of rattan with contemporary look. Examples of Award Winning International Rattan products include CAPPELINNI : LUKIS CHAIR, designed by well known Indonesian designer Abie Abdillah and EXPORMIM : FRAMES CHAIR, designed by Jaime Hayon from Spain. INDIA MADHAVI, notable French interior designer, uses a lot of rattan material in his project and now become a new trend in interior project. BONACINA, one of the oldest and most prominent Italian brand furnitures in the world, is able to create the rattan products to be luxury and exclusive furniture for upside market and high-end projects.

    Domestic rattan products have also won several awards such as Good Design Indonesia 2017 for PORTABELLA LOUNGE CHAIR, designed by Abie Abdillah, and LEYYE LOUNGE CHAIR, designed by Rina Renville. And the latest collection by ALVIN T, SADHA Seating Collection, portrays a new 2019 rattan trend which is lightweight, bright color, and with sleek design.

Posted on 07 January 2019

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